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Meet The homecrew

Have a homeowner horror story? You're not alone! Tune in to the vipHome Podcast, where homeowners like you share their stories and we talk to professionals to help you prevent these issues from occurring in your house. 

Join Hosts Jeff, Caroline, Jacqueline, and Megan every week for insights and tips about homeownership. 

Episode Summaries

Homeowners Insurance Claims FAQs with LD&B Insurance and Financial Services

Homeowners Insurance Claims FAQs with LD&B Insurance and Financial Services from vipHomeLink on Vimeo.

"Homeownership is not easy," says Denise Click, Personal Lines Manager from LD&B Insurance and Financial Services, "and there are so many things that could happen."

One in 20 homes typically has an insurance claim annually, so the odds are you will submit a claim for your home at least once. That’s why we welcomed Denise to the vipHome Podcast, to answer your FAQs about insurance claims and offer some quick tips to make the process as seamless as possible.

Explains Denise, “Documentation is key. We are going to ask the client to go ahead and take photos of the damage before any work or repairs begin.” 

Learn why you need receipts for your large appliances, especially if your home sees frequent lightning storms, and just why ignoring home maintenance tasks can lead to your claim being denied. It’s all in this episode of the vipHome Podcast. Watch now! 

Simplify homeownership with the vipHomeLink app, which helps you manage, organize, and improve your home. Download it today on Google Play and the App Store. 

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